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Are you looking for the best quality, freshness, and fantastic taste?, Then please visit our shop-in-shop LAPLANDIA fish. All our products are prepared and served in our facilities with no preserves or chemicals. A wide range of roe and caviars are available. Quality and freshness are 100% guaranteed. All products are prepared with a high level of care and latest technology.

We are selling in the LAPLANDIA fish shop among others:
salmon, rainbow trout, eel, sturgeon, whitefish, pallas, salmon roe, sturgeon caviar and many more..
In our assortment we also have have fish delicacies, chees, butters and milk products.

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Jysinmäentie 299, 54230 Nuijamaa, Finland
+358 5 4512140 ‎ ·E-mail:

LAPLANDIA Market Is Open 363 Days

LAPLANDIA have only 2 days off:
25 of December And 01 of January


MON - SAT 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN  -7:00 AM - 7:00 PM