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 Laplandia Fish 

Are you looking for the best quality, freshness, and fantastic taste?, Then please visit our shop-in-shop Laplandia Fish. All our products are prepared and served in our facilities with no preserves or chemicals,.... Read More


Thermoform is a world-known underwear brand with products of high quality, durability and comfort in use. Thermoform wear is suitable for everyone and every purpose, for casual, everyday use as well as for fitness exercises, .... Read More

 Our Products

In an increasingly growing and competitive market, LAPLANDIA market stands out as one of Finland’s cheapest stores, providing its customers with the good standards of quality and service..See More

  Laplandia Shop 

LAPLANDIA market with 2000 sq.m. offers the widest choice of products you can find under one roof. You and your family can enjoy easy shopping for almost all your household's needs at the lowest price! ... See More



Atma Trade Oy

Jysinmäentie 299, 54230 Nuijamaa, Finland
+358 5 4512140 ·


 We are working in the retail market since 2003, offering our customers a wide  range of products. We have our own brands that are being produced exclusively for us. We are the authorized retailer in Finland for the well-known trademark Thermoform and Bio Levante pure olive oil. 


sells quality products that are produced by or for the Finnish company Atma Trade Oy according to the standards of EU and Finland. That guarantees the quality of goods for our customers.

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Jysinmäentie 299, 54230 Nuijamaa, Finland
+358 5 4512140 ‎ ·E-mail:

LAPLANDIA Market Is Open 363 Days

LAPLANDIA have only 2 days off:
25 of December And 01 of January


MON - SAT 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN  -7:00 AM - 7:00 PM